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Top 10 Favorite Places Having Fucked

  1. Daytona Beach (ON the beach, and sleeping thereafter until the sun came up)
  2. Walmart dressing room
  3. Getting head while driving, with jealous friend in back seat
  4. Once I pulled off the road on the way out of town, told her to get out, and then made her strip. Once naked I fucked her good 'n proper on the back of the car. We reclothed, got in the car and left.
  5. In the car behind a shopping center, right before meeting my Mom and her boyfriend for dinner.
  6. Back when she was just a friend, in an apartment complex pool next to another couple doing the same thing.
  7. One time in the car just sticks out in my memory: she was on top (of course), and we had just had a simultaneous orgasm. We had pulled into a stranger's driveway to do the deed, and his neighbor pulled up. She leaned back and just looked so sexy, proud of what we were doing and showing off.
  8. I was on a trip with the college for a tournament, she came to the hotel we were staying at. I invited all the rest of the team to my room to party and drink, and we ended up leaving into someone else's room and fucking all over their shower... on her period.
  9. In front of a massive mirror in a friend's bathroom while they were asleep. Same friend from #3, come to think...
  10. Was house-sitting for someone, and she had gone to work or something. When she got back, I had rigged the bed up with ropes, put candles everywhere, and had everything else set. I like tying girls down and having my way.

That last one made me think in a whole different direction. Once I tied her down and danced a knife blade lightly all over her skin, gently pricking her thighs and nipples... I think kinkiness is a list in itself...

I'm looking for a disk with some old photos of phucking.
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Wow, that's a much more interesting list than mine. I don't really fuck anywhere interesting. Especially now, being married with a kid and all. But even back when I was dating. I'd love to fuck on the beach! I think I've only fucked outside once, in the pool. Hmm.

In a Walmart dressing room, that's awesome.

I never was much of a fan of doing things in the car. The times I did were out of necessity. Hmm, although there was one time when I gave my boyfriend head in the backseat. While my parents were in the front seat. They had no idea.
On the beach is great, but be warned: on Daytona there are massive cockroaches. I woke as the sun was rising, and could see them crawling toward us from all sides. Ick.

As for in the car, I agree about the necessity... I'm a rather tall guy. :(